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Network Installations · Voice and Data Cabling · Fiber Optics

COMPUCONN is a custom data network installer based in Newtown, Connecticut and specializing in small to medium sized office designs. We can provide cable networking services from design to testing, including standard and custom cables, switches, and on-site premise wiring of all data or voice/data systems. Our current area of coverage consists of the entire state of Connecticut, Southeastern New York, and Southern Massachusetts.

Our technicians are highly experienced (over 30 years combined) in computer network cabling, terminations, and testing. They bring years of training and knowledge of what works-and what does not work-as well as pride and concern for the finished product and an awareness of the most efficient and cosmetic methods.

We excel in the office environment, where speed, efficiency, and neatness are most important, to avoid disruption to a customer's operations. COMPUCONN is expert in existing offices, working quickly and quietly to minimize interruptions.

We supply state-of-the-art materials such as fiber optics and category five PVC and Teflon cable, as well as connectors, wall plates, and patch cords.

COMPUCONN now sells category 5 and category 6 patch cords as well as fiber optic cable. We can supply you with any length in a variety of colors. Please see our Cables page for further details and ordering information.

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